مصطلحات تعليم الكتروني تبدأ بحرف (U)


Communication between a sender and a single receiver over a network. For example, an email message sent from one person to another.



The communication link from a transmitting earth station to a satellite.


To send a file from one computer or server to another.

URI )uniform resource identifier):

Name and address of information--****, graphics, audio, video, and so forth--on the Internet. A URI usually identifies the application used to access the resource, the machine the resource is located on, and the file name of the resource. A ***page address or URL is the most commonly used type of URI.


URL ) uniform resource locator):
The address of a page on the World Wide ***. For example,

*********************** .

The measure of how effectively, efficiently, and easily a person can navigate an interface, find information on it, and achieve his or her goals.


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