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Ewan McIntosh
NoTosh Limited

Ewan McIntosh is the founder of NoTosh Limited, a Scotland and Australia-based company with a global reputation for researching and delivering new learning opportunities for some of the world’s top creative companies and school districts.

McIntosh’s company, NoTosh Limited, develops products and services with creative companies on the one hand, and then takes the processes, attitudes and research gained there to the world of education. The company works in hundreds of schools and districts every month, providing ideas, inspiration and research on how to better engage kids.

Ewan was a French and German High School teacher, Scotland’s first National Advisor on Learning and Technology Futures ad has been advisor on the digital agenda to the Vice President of the European Commission, Mrs Neelie Kroes. He currently sits on the ICT Excellence Expert Group advising the Cabinet Minister for Education in Scotland.

Outside the world of education, he helped set up one of the most ambitious investment funds from a public service broadcaster in the UK, the $100m 4iP Fund from Channel 4 Television, and was Commissioner of that fund for the North of the UK. Companies in which he has invested have won Media Guardian Awards for the Best App of 2010; another developed on of Apple’s Top 30 All-Time Best Selling Apps, appearing in the Guardian’s Tech Invest 100, 2010. In 2010, McIntosh launched the world’s first iPad Investment Fund.

Ewan and his team are all about engaging people, whether they're voters, customers or kids in a classroom.

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